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RES 3700

Oracle Hospitality RES 3700 Point of Sale is used in thousands of food and beverage outlets around the world. With extensive functionality that is configured to your business, Oracle Hospitality RES 3700 offers the complete package for hospitality operators.

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A Single Platform for Your Operation

Choose one platform to support POS, loyalty, inventory, labor, loss prevention, and reporting Modernize guest interaction with POS that extends to mobile devices Extend to add reporting capability for greater control over your business Add loyalty capability, allowing you to gather customer data and create loyalty programs Mobile Reporting: Staying Ahead with Oracle MICROS inMotion Mobile

Go Mobile for Exceptional Guest Experiences

Mobile technology opens up a world of opportunities for hospitality operators. From guest-facing apps that allow mobile ordering and payment by consumers to staff-facing tablets running systems that support innovative guest engagement, mobile is changing the way that we interact. With Oracle Hospitality RES 3700, you can take advantage of mobile technology to create exceptional guest experiences.

Mobile Reporting

Mobile-enabled technology offers many opportunities for food and beverage operators to engage with guests, either through the guest’s smartphone or via mobile devices used by your staff. Back office operations can also benefit from mobile technology. Being able to access reports via a smartphone or tablet means that restaurant managers can stay in control of the business while remaining front of house. You can extend your food and beverage operations outdoors or adapt your service style at different times of the day. Oracle MICROS inMotion Mobile provides users of Oracle Hospitality RES 3700 and the Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics module with access to real-time data across your entire operation. Sales data, guest counts, employee performance, discounts as percentage of sales—all of these and more can be accessed on an app in real time to help you make decisions.

A Modular Point of Sale for Future Growth

Gift and loyalty: Leverage the additional cloud service to create innovative loyalty programs that engage guests Inventory management: Limit theft and waste with an additional cloud service for stock control Choice of partners: Choose the payment and credit-card processor that offers you the best value Scalability: The Oracle Hospitality technology platform grows with your business

Oracle Hospitality RES 3700 Benefits

Maximize revenues with a reliable point of sale that is tailored to the hospitality industry Deliver the right guest experience by configuring the system to suit your operation Minimize IT complexity by extending point of sale to support loyalty, inventory, labor, and loss prevention Increase consistency with centralized management, along with the flexibility to adapt to local needs

Enterprise solution with local flexibility

Ensure consistency across the business and brand by managing menus, promotions, and pricing centrally Respond to local needs by adapting menus, pricing, and promotions in individual stores Simplify updates and reduce training needs by controlling every POS terminal either locally or centrally

Extend POS to mobile devices

Maximize efficiency with a single POS that can work across fixed and mobile devices Provide faster service to guests Allow managers to control back-office operations on mobile devices, including labor management

POS configured to your operation

Create the right workflows for your business Deliver the ideal guest experience to your customers Keep staff happy with functionality tailored to their environment

Kitchen management

Maximize quality control of food with kitchen systems aimed to support chefs Ensure timely preparation of food to maximize guest satisfaction Monitor kitchen performance and identify areas for improvement

Reporting and analysis

Stay in control of your business by leveraging the additional Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics cloud service Access near real-time data covering sales, effectiveness of promotions, shrinkage, and more Monitor business health from anywhere using a variety of devices

Extends to loyalty

Drive customer loyalty by creating programs to encourage repeat business Gather valuable customer data to monitor trends and behavior

Integrated labor management

Increase business efficiency by taking greater control of one of your biggest costs Make informed staffing decisions using access to real-time labor reporting Minimize expenditure by improving staff scheduling and increasing the efficiency of payroll

Inventory management

Minimize costs by increasing visibility and control of inventory Negotiate better pricing with suppliers using inventory intelligence Maximize profitability by knowing the cost of menu items adjusting as the prices of ingredients change

Loss prevention

Identify suspicious behavior within your operation and access data for investigation Maximize profitability by reducing shrinkage