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e7 POS

Oracle Hospitality e7 Point of Sale (POS) is ideal for operators who want the reliability of Oracle technology in environments with lower transaction volumes, including table or quick service restaurants, delis, sandwich shops, nightclubs, and bars.

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Reliable POS for Smaller Enterprises

Provide staff with an easy-to-use POS that offers functionality tailored to hospitality Modernize guest interaction with POS that extends to Oracle Hospitality MICROS Tablets Leverage Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics in the cloud for business insight Take advantage of Oracle Hospitality Gift and Loyalty in the cloud to create loyalty programs Control IT costs with minimal configuration and maintenance

POS Functionality that Grows with You

Finding a POS system that grows with your business is critical. Oracle Hospitality provides cloud functionality that allows you to extend your system as your operation grows. As you open more sites, for example, reporting becomes more and more important. Adding Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics cloud service gives you access to performance data that helps you control your business and secure investment for further growth.

How to Stay in Control of a Growing Business

In a recent webcast, we asked Stefan Chomka, editor of Restaurant magazine, and Tim Brown, senior director of sales at Oracle Hospitality, to highlight the key challenges that face restaurateurs today. For Stefan, the primary issue is keeping control. If you’re a chef in the kitchen, how do you manage front of house? Or if you open a second site, how do you maintain control when you can’t be in two places at once? Changing your mindset and taking a step back to let other people run your business is important. Tim pointed out that technology can be an enabler to help restaurateurs gain that control. Technology, for example, enables you to view reports so you can see what's happening in the dining rooms, how many customers are in, how long it’s taking for staff to deliver food, and if there are any problems you can address them.

Oracle Hospitality e7 Point of Sale

Improve sales with a reliable, efficient POS that extends to mobile devices and allows staff to be more productive Control stock and staffing costs with basic inventory and timekeeping functionality Simplify life for your team, from wait staff to general managers, with easy-to-use functionality Control IT costs with minimal configuration and maintenance Ideal for multiple operations within stadiums, arenas, casinos, and theme parks

A Foundation for Growth

Gift and loyalty: Additional cloud functionality lets you create innovative loyalty programs to engage guests Reporting: Add the reporting cloud service to better control and grow your revenues and profitability A choice of partners: Choose the payment and credit card processor that offers you the best value Scalability: The Oracle Hospitality technology platform grows with your business

Full hospitality POS functionality

Simplify order entry and menu management Manage promotions and service charges Run your POS on Oracle Hospitality's modern workstations for faster, flexible service Support online ordering Control costs with basic inventory and labor system

Intuitive for ease of use

Minimize training times to ensure staff can be up and running quickly Allow staff to engage with guests rather than focus on complex IT processes Easy menu maintenance with simple programming

Additional loyalty cloud service

Take advantage of additional cloud services that will grow with your business Drive customer loyalty by creating programs to encourage repeat business Gather valuable customer data to monitor trends and behaviort

Additional reporting cloud service

Stay in control of your business with Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics Monitor almost real-time data across multiple locations, including sales, covers, and more Access valuable intelligence to help negotiate with suppliers

Extensibility for maximum value

Connect to multiple payment and credit card processors to allow you to find the best value Take advantage of additional cloud services for reporting and loyalty that will grow with your business

Improved guest service

Maximize revenues by ensuring uptime and system performance Protect customer data and your business reputation with secure credit-card transactions Gain confidence and buy-in from those that will interact with the system

Low cost of entry

Reduce IT expenditure with simple configuration and maintenance